Chandra Golden , the mother of one of our students speaks about our program and how it has impacted her son William who started as a student and is now employed by the Flyin' Lions.

Here is What We've Been Working On.

Our New Building and Kitchen

Our new building and commercial grade kitchen were completed for use in April 2021.   

Our classroom instruction consists of  Chef led instruction in the creation of high quality baked goods and food service production techniques.   

Our students have the opportunity to earn a Serve Safe and or Serve Success Certification.  They also gain experience in sales and customer service.     

At the end of the program they are prepared for applying for and retaining employment.

Huntersville Farmers Market

Flyin' Lion baked goods can be found on various Saturday mornings at the Huntersville Farmers Market.   

Presentation and Catering

We offer catering for events that are held at the Rafters at Historic St. Marks.

Please contact us at [email protected] for additional information or inquiries